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Libraries offering more than just books | News

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Libraries offering more than just books

BENTON, Ark. (KTHV) - For millions of people, reading books on Kindles, iPads and nooks has become the norm, and that's got some local libraries branching out to keep up in a digital world.

When Tiffany and Leo Smith go to the Saline County Library, it's not always for a book.

"We use the library for renting books, renting movies. They offer the costume closet."

That's right, costumes. There are hundreds of them available for check-out.

Williams is the marketing coordinator for the Saline County Library. He said that libraries aren't just for books anymore.

"We've got fishing poles. Around Halloween we do costumes. You can come in and get a wattage meter or knitting needles."

At the Saline County Library, Williams said you can even check out cake pans that are superhero themed.

"I feel like we've become more of a community center than just a place for books."

DVDs have become a common option on library shelves. The Smiths come once a week to the library to check out what's new on DVD. They said it's a lot cheaper than renting from a Red Box.

"You get a longer rental. You get to rent them out for a week verses a day, so we just appreciate that."

Williams explained that it's all about meeting the needs of their communities in a world that's shifting from the printed world to digital content. "Like what happened to Blockbuster. They didn't change their game. So, when everything went digital it hurt them a lot, now that everything has gone digital. You can just sit at home and download a book. "

That means offering things that can't be downloaded, like board games and puzzles. The library also has a place for teenagers where they can play PS3 and X-Box. The best thing about it, is that everything we just talked about is free from your local library.