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Bryant Police: Walmart thieves caught on camera | News

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Bryant Police: Walmart thieves caught on camera

BRYANT (KTHV) - Shoplifting is not an unusual thing for police to deal with. In some cases, stores see it every day. But Bryant Police say a recent case out of the Walmart Supercenter stands out among the rest and it's all caught on tape. 

Police are still looking for the two male suspects. But they gave Today's THV a glimpse of them in surveillance video that we've featured in this report.

Store surveillance video shows a little activity at the entrance around 4 am Tuesday, while inside cameras capture a not-so-typical shopping trip.

"When you watch this video you see that they are only in the store maybe 10 minutes," Sgt. Todd Crowson said.

Sgt. Todd Crowson with Bryant Police is talking about another part of the store surveillance video. A man in a white T-shirt and hat is walking toward the electronics register. He pauses a bit and then Sgt. Crowson says breaks open a locked case below the register and steals 38 iPhones and a Samsung Galaxy notebook.

"All that came to a total of just more than $26,000, so a big theft. It's not your ordinary shoplifting case at Walmart," Sgt. Crowson said.

Later on, it appears the man shoves the stolen items into his pants and after a few trips back and forth to the cart, he and his accomplice take off.

It turns out this isn't the first time that these two suspects have appeared on surveillance video at this Walmart store. Sgt. Crowson says that it happened just a few days ago and he thinks they were scouting out their crime.

"Anybody that's going to come in few days before and come back in, you have to just assume that's what they were doing, they're putting together a game plan," Sgt. Crowson said.  

It was a game plan with success on Tuesday morning. But Bryant police hopes "Big Brother" will shorten any celebration.     

Sgt. Crowson doesn't believe that the two men were armed and doesn't consider them dangerous. But he still urges the public to come forward if they have any information on this case. If anyone has any information on this crime, they are asked to contact the Bryant Police Department at (501) 943-0486.


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