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Update: Benton police looking for alderman's missing son

Police are calling the disappearance "odd" and FBI investigators are now involved.

Joey Richards is the son of a Benton alderman.

Just this week, voters re-elected Richard's father, Joe Richards, to a fourth term but sadness and worry over his son's whereabouts have left no room for celebration.

An uncomfortable silence has taken over the Richards' home since the 39 year-old's disappearance.

"It's just like he walked out of the house and just stepped off the edge of the earth," said Joe Richards, about his son.

No one has seen or heard from the Benton alderman's son, since October 9th.

"He left here with somebody because the door was shut and locked when I got up. His computer was still on," said Richards.

There's no sign Richards Junior left with the intention of being away for this long.

Arrested father says he tried to pour out teens' alcohol

"We did everything in our power not to allow this to become a drunken party," says Woodward.

"My client's sister who was there and is an attorney from Texas had the privilege of a beer can thrown at her head in retribution for spilling out one young person's alcohol," says Perry Young, Woodward's attorney.

Young says Woodward invited 20 people to the costume party, but it ballooned. Those not invited, appeared to have brought booze.

"Someone may have spiked the punch, other than that we have no idea where it came from. I do know it's not from the Woodwards themselves," says Young.

"If you're the adult, you're in charge of what happens on your property and a party that you throw," says Lieutenant Scott Courtney.

Woodward and his lawyer say there are numerous discrepancies in the police report and police did not have a warrant to go inside of Woodward's house.

Annual fire hydrant testing in Bryant

This message is brought to you as courtesy of the Bryant Fire Department and The Bryant Water Utilities.

Effective Monday November 8th 2010 through Wednesday November 24th 2010 the Fire Department will be conducting our annual Fire Hydrant Testing throughout the city. The testing will take place from 8am till 4pm. It is possible that you may notice a slight discoloration of your water due to this testing. Please note that this is normal and safe for drinking. If you notice discoloration, then run your water for a minute and it will clear up.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Bryant Fire Department at 847-0483 or the Bryant Water Department at 847-8083.

On behalf of Fire Chief Randy Cox and the Bryant Fire Department, We would like to Thank You in advance for your assistance with this testing.

Saline County man arrested for allegedly giving alcohol to minors

Walter Woodward, 50, was arrested and charged with 11 counts of  allegedly contributing to the delinquency of a minor after an anonymous call came into the police department that said their was a large party going on at the end of Mountain View Road.

The arriving officer said in his report that when he got there, he noticed around 80 minors gathered around a bonfire. He also noticed several beer cans on the ground. Somebody screamed, "Cops, cops, cops!" and kids started running everywhere, getting into their cars and trying to drive off.

The officer says he told every kid he saw to shut off their vehicles and walk to the house. He stopped one car, in which the driver told him that he had a girl in the car who had drank too much and he needed to get her to the emergency room. She was throwing up and could not stand up. An ambulance was dispatched to the residence. Police confirm she had a blood alcohol level of .319.

Griffin beats Elliott for Ark. 2nd District seat

Griffin, a former interim U.S. attorney at Little Rock, served formerly in the Bush White House. Elliott is a state senator from Little Rock.

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Benton Area Chamber First Thursday Luncheon Nov. 4

Date: November 4, 2010 Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Event Description: First Thursday Luncheon for November will be held at Days Inn, 17701 Interstate 30.  Speaker for the day will be Stephen Svetz from the Attorney General's office.  He will speaking about identity theft.

Come out and network with Chamber members, enjoy a great meal catered by  EatMyCatfish,  and hear an interesting presentation.

More information at Benton Area Chamber website.

Saline County Kennel Club hosts fall classic show

It drew nearly 500 entries all weekend, representing about 100 different breeds of dogs.

One handler, Chase Truesdail, has been competing here with his giant schnauzer's since 1994. He says, "Dogs are just like people. they grow older. you can't compete with them no more, so you get a new dog every two to three years that's going to keep you excited about what's going on."

The dogs took part in various competitions, including obedience and conformation drills. Judges also gave out best in show awards.

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